Ancient astrological technics uncovered.

on the 12th house

The ancients call it mallus daemon,  “the bad spirit”. The moderns think as an “important path to spiritual evolution”, but what’s this house all about?

The last house is not only a bad house. Depending on the circumstances, it can show some good secrets  people hide from you, and vice versa.

See if the ruler of the 12th  is a good planet, and connected to good houses. Otherwise, the events he/she points will be really bad. For instance, connections between the ruler of the fifth and the 12th house (or vice-versa) shows hidden sexual pleasures, if the planet is in good zodiacal state and a benefic. If the planet is afflicted, or a malefic, the first children must have serious health problems. 

On my adolescence, I have a friend who I loved, but I really was’nt able to tell her that! The Firdaria of the entire adolescence was Venus. She is in the 11th house, Almuten of the 12th! So love had an impediment, but also was a secret, a suffering, as everybody knows…

You must be very moderate on judging the ruler of the 12th. Life is not a tragedy all the time! See carefully the other houses it rules, and the place whose he is Almuten. 


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