Ancient astrological technics uncovered.

Como analisar um planeta?

People say medieval astrology is difficult. They are right, but there are two kinds of analisys:

  • Geral
  • Specific.

The specific one is really harsh. We must see the entire chart searching for a planet that represents an issue. That one will tell us very important things. For instance, money: the financial significator is capable of telling us how much the person will earn, the means of aquisition, the social standing of them (licit or not), etc. The general analisys is very simple, no need to do anything said above. No complicated Almuten calculations, no need to  seek for the “term ruler of the ascendant”… We look to the planet, see the houses it rules, the aspects it makes and build an delineation. Of course, this analisys don’t enable us to define some important things, like the status of the native, how much he will earn (how much will be the greater amount of money he will earn in his entire life).  I would resume that the general analisys is more qualitative than quantitative. 

For instance, the qualitative analisys dont enable us to know the native is poor ou rich, but it can shows struggles involving money.  If I give to you two charts to analyse qualitatively, you can perceive that one of them shows financial problems related to health matters, while the other chart does not have much expenses indications, but you will no have the minimal  capacity to see whether both are rich or not! It may happen the person with that chart indicating health problems could be an millionaire! While the other lives calmly with a low salary, the rich one has expend too much money hiring a famous chinese surgeon to his son!  The quantity of money each one has must be seen with the quantitative analysis.

If I would make an astrology course, I would priorize the qualitative analisys, because it is the easier and the new students wouldnt be frustrated. People want to get out of the class and delineate a chart, not always this is possible in the beginning of the studies, but you can achieve some good delineation with that type of technic. One may interpret the chart faster than the traditional medieval analisys, because in this tipe you must calculate significators to everything. On general, it is a damm tedious work, but always productive, I admit. 

The qualitative analisys was developed by the french astrologer Morin of Villefranche, autor of Astrologia Gallica.


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  Gi wrote @

Kara, Rodolfo, você foi no ponto nessa sua última análise, hein? E nada mudou pelo visto. Dá uma olhada por aí, em alguns sites franceses, a coisa ferve e também por causa das eleições presidenciais na Francozida (c´est le petit-nom que j´ai invinté! hehe)

Estou esperando ansiosa os outros posts! 😉

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